providing solutions for Electrical Submersible Pump completions

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downhole ESP accessories

Petrosolus specialise in accessories and systems to compliment Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) installations.

Relying on 40 years experience in design, development and supply of ESP related equipment, Petrosolus provide a comprehensive range of systems and accessories.

ESP Bypass System
ESP Y-Tool
ESP Canister
ESP Shroud
ESP Motor Cooling Shroud
ESP Diverter Valve
Downhole ESP Accessories


ESP Bypass System or Y-tool allows operations below the ESP by providing a tangential conduit to allow tools to freely pass the ESP.
Bypass systems can be configured for single or dual ESP units and
bypass of ESP to access well below, dual systems for redundancy or enhanced production.

Within a Bypass System,various component parts and assemblies :

Blanking Plug
Neck Clamp
Motor Base Unit
Bypass Tubing
Wireline Re-Entry Guide
Duo Neck Clamp
Bypass Tubing – Sealed
Top Nipple
Non-Return Valve
Adjustable Support Block
Isolator Tool
Standing Valve
Wireline Logging Plug
CT Logging Plug
Stove Pipe – Installation Table

Pod or Canister system encapsulate the ESP, allowing production from isolated zone.
ISOL-8 is the Petrosolus brand name for single ESP Pod or ESP Canister systems, ISOL-8 PLUS is the brand name for dual encpsulated ESP units and features a unique Mid-Pac Hanger allowing both ESP units to be housed in a single vessel.

Within a Pod or Canister System,various component parts and assemblies :

Hanger – Single Pen. ISOL-8
Hanger – Tri-leg Pen. ISOL-8
Lower Crossover
Offset Orientation Sub
Offset Stroke Adjuster
Solus Diverter Valve
Top Hanger ISOL-8 PLUS
Mid-Pac Hanger ISOL-8 PLUS
Pod Canister Casing
Pod Canister Tester Valve
Casing Lift Clamp
Elevator Lift Sub
Stabbing Guide


MLE Clamp
ESP Hydra-Loc
Anode Centraliser
ESP Centraliser
Gas Vent Valve
Chemical Injection Sub
Discharge Pressure Sub
Tubing Centraliser
Orientation Sub
Adjustable Union
Junk Basket
Standard Nipple
Drain Valve – Shift Sleeve
Drain Valve – Drop Bar