providing solutions for Electrical Submersible Pump completions

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About us

Petrosolus provide innovative products and solutions for the downhole hydrocarbon and geothermal sector.
Specialising in accessories for Electrical Submersible Pumps, we bring 40 years design and development of products and engineered solutions to enhance installation and productivity, creating cost savings for service companies and operators.
Servicing the global market, Petrosolus partners with service companies and manufacturing facilities to provide best quality of product and service, with rapid solutions and response in any region.
Petrosolus is a privately owned UK Limited company founded in 2018, with operations across the globe, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain the company act to provide solutions anywhere in the world.
Our experience stretches from an extensive and proven record of delivering the right completion tools and accessories to compliment ESP installations, for a wide range of applications, with a focus on reliability and efficiency.

Our manufacturing vendors are all industry approved and recognised as specialists in services for the oil and gas and geothermal market, and are typically ISO 9001 accredited.

At Petrosolus we continuously strive to satisfy the customer with outstanding quality of our products and services.

‘‘ the future lies in the hands of our valued customers ’’